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Plants Collection

  • Murals

    A mural is a large, single image or artwork that is typically applied to an entire wall, that spans the width and height of the wall.
    Murals can depict various scenes, landscapes, abstract art, or even specific imagery.
    Murals are intended to create a focal point or a statement piece within a room.
    Murals are not limited by pattern repetition and are often custom-sized to fit the dimensions of the wall.
  • Wallpapers

    Repeat pattern wallpaper, features a design that repeats at regular intervals across the width and height of the wallpaper roll.
    This repetition creates a seamless and continuous pattern that can be applied to cover an entire room.
    Repeat pattern wallpapers offer versatility and can suit a range of interior design styles, from traditional to modern.
    This provides a cohesive background that adds texture and interest to a space without necessarily being the main focal point.

  • Wraps

    A wrap, also known as a kitchen wrap, is a decorative and functional solution that involves applying a specialised adhesive vinyl or film to the surface of cabinets or cupboards.
    This process is similar to how vehicle wraps are applied to cars. The wrap is designed to completely cover the existing cabinet surfaces, providing a new look and finish without the need for replacing or refinishing the cabinets.