Wallpaper is not what you remember with the old lady colours and repeat patterns; it's undergone a magical transformation in the digital age. Today, wallpaper is an art piece for your wildest dreams, a wonderworld of self-expression, and a portal to an infinite universe of design possibilities. 

From vibrant blooms on your walls to tropical jungles that transport you to faraway lands, Wallpaper Warehouse SA has evolved into a fantastical realm where your imagination knows no bounds.

So you've tumbled head over heels for the world of wallpaper, and you're ready to embark on a quest to transform a space in your home into a haven of style and personality. 

But here's the million-dollar question: where on Earth do you even begin this fabulous adventure into the realm of interior design magic?


Wallpaper is like a captivating candy store for your walls, and once you take that first sweet bite, you might find it hard to stop! However, we understand that sometimes, convincing your dear hubby to hop on the wallpaper bandwagon can be a fun challenge of its own. To ease into this colourful adventure, why not start with a room that's not exactly at the hub of your daily activities? Think of it as a “sneak - peek” into the world of wallpaper wonders.

Consider your guest bathroom, your child's room (a splash of newness can turn it into their personal wonderland), or even your laundry/ pantry. After all it’s better to embark on a wallpaper experiment in those spaces before taking the plunge in your own cherished room. It’s all about turning your home into an artwork of personality.


Now that you've got the perfect room in your sights, it's time to choose the ideal "paper" for the job – and oh, the options are vast! To make your life a bit more colourful and a lot more fun, we've got some fantastic recommendations from Wallpaper Warehouse SA, your go-to gurus in all things wallpaper.

For a hassle-free transformation, consider the magical world of "peel and stick" wallpaper. These self-adhesive wonders are like the chameleons of the wallpaper fitting into various spaces seamlessly. Here's where they truly shine:

  • Bathroom – Splash some watery wonders on those walls.
  • Guest loo – Give your visitors a whimsical welcome they won't forget.
  • Kids' rooms – Turn their imagination into reality with vibrant patterns.
  • Pantry – Add a pinch of style to your culinary hideaway.
  • Laundry – Make laundry day feel like a breeze.
  • Kitchen – Spice up the heart of your home.
  • Rental homes – Where you want a temporary touch of magic.

Now, let's be clear, it's not to say that "peel and stick" wallpaper can't sprinkle its charm all around your house; it's just that these spaces are where it really shines. We're all about honesty, so consider these recommendations as your secret recipe for a whimsical wall makeover! 🌟

Now, if you're feeling a bit old-school and fancy a touch of timeless elegance, traditional wallpaper is your golden ticket to a room filled with warmth, luxury, and a dash of vintage charm. It's like a symphony for your walls, creating a cozy cocoon of comfort with its classic matte paper finish.

But where does traditional wallpaper truly shine? Well, these are the areas where it's right at home:

  • Dining room – Elevate your dinner parties to grand banquets in a space that exudes class.
  • Hallway / passage – Transform the corridor into a gallery of history and intrigue.
  • Main bedroom – Craft a haven of dreamy slumbers, wrapped in opulence.

It's the choice that whispers tales of yesteryears and brings an air of sophistication to your home, so get ready to embrace the classics and dive into a world of elegance that only traditional wallpaper can provide! 🎩🌟


Now, when it comes to choosing the perfect design, remember that it's all about embracing your unique personality and letting it shine through your living space. After all, you're the one who's going to wake up to this fabulous wallpaper every day, so make sure it's a design that truly speaks to your heart.

If you're the kind of person who prefers a more subtle and structured approach, you might want to steer clear of that outrageous tiger wearing a top hat and coat wallpaper – it's probably not going to be a match made in design heaven. Instead, think of simple geometrics, soothing pastels, or dreamy watercolours to create a space that's effortlessly elegant.

On the flip side, if your personality is a delightful blend of nutty and bold, then the digital wallpaper world is your playground, and you're the fearless explorer. 

With the incredible designs available at Wallpaper Warehouse SA, you'll find a wallpaper that perfectly complements your unique personality and helps you express it in your home.

Now, here's a little tip: consider the space you're working with. While there are no hard and fast rules, it's worth pondering if an olive or lemon design is the best choice for your main bedroom. (But hey, if that's where your heart truly lies, go for it! Your home, your rules.) The kitchen, pantry, or laundry might be the ideal playground for these zesty patterns. After all, every space in your home has a story to tell, and it's all about finding the perfect wallpaper to help it unfold. So, let your imagination run wild, and let your personality dictate the design. 🎨✨


The fun is just getting started because now, we're about to dive into a wall adventure that will leave you scratching your head!

Imagine this: your walls, the canvas for your dreams, the backdrop of your life's story, but oh, they're as tricky as trying to put foundation on your husband's stubble (can you even imagine the chaos?). That's the situation when you attempt to apply wallpaper on those lumpy, bumpy, and textured walls. It's like a hilarious comedy show waiting to happen!

But don't worry, we've got a few tricks up our sleeves to help you smooth out the bumps and ensure your wallpaper journey is a success:

  • You can screed the walls – like a wizard with their wand, you can magically level those lumps.
  • Sanding down the lumpy-bumpy with an electric sander – it's like giving your walls a spa day.
  • Wallpaper lining paper – the superhero cape your walls need for a sleek transformation.
  • Drywalling or cladding over the existing wall – it's like giving your walls a trendy makeover they'll love showing off at parties.

So, gear up to get those walls prepped for their starring role in your home's fabulous transformation! 🪄🤣

Diving into the world of wallpaper is exciting but can be daunting for those first timers, come along and find out how Wallpaper Warehouse SA guides you through the important steps to consider before making your decision

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