Peel & Stick

Think of this as a very big sticker: simply peel off the back and smooth onto the surface of the wall. While it’s generally easier to remove than traditional wallpaper, you can buy special ‘removable’ paper if you know you’ll need to take it down at some point. Most self-adhesive wallpaper also tends to be scuff and scratch-resistant.  

If you redecorate often or you’re living in a rental, self-adhesive wallpaper can be removed cleanly without leaving any major residue behind. It’s a lot more durable than pre-pasted wallpaper, but not quite as permanent as the traditional option. 

This wallpaper can not easily be repositioned during installation, make sure the wall is smooth and clean to maintain the adhesive properties. Prep and clean the wall properly before installation. 

The base colour of the Eco peel and stick is a stark white colour, creating a fresh look and feel. The finish is a smooth matte finish.

Suitable for rental units, bathrooms with little humidity, kitchen, laundries, mud rooms and kids room due to it's wipeable properties

If you are not comfortable installing this yourself please make sure your installer is peel and stick proficient before signing them onto the job.


Traditional wallpaper doesn’t come prepared with adhesive, so you have to mix your own paste before you can hang it. Most non-pasted paper will come with a ‘Suggested Paste’ and instructions on how to make it.

The adhesive is to be applied with a brush to the back of the paper or directly to the wall. It may require extra effort and may be messy depending on your skill.

While the modern non-woven backing of this type of wallpaper makes it easier to remove than its vinyl-backed predecessor, traditional wallpaper is not called removable for a reason. It was designed to stay put for decades to come and, thus, was not created to be easily removed.

Traditional wallpaper is most preferred by Interior decorators and can be installed by all wallpaper installers, whereas the peel and stick needs to be a peel and stick proficient installer. Please check with your installer before making your purchase what they prefer working with